In the midst of movement and chaos, keep stillness inside of you.

In the midst of movement and chaos, keep stillness inside of you.

June 25, 2010

A bird in the hand or two in the bush?

I took a Markets and Consumers class in college. It was a ridiculous class and the professor was horrible. He would talk about absolutely nothing, and then on the test, he'd have multiple questions on the most random thoughts comparing them to "markets and consumers."

On one test, one of the answers to a question was B. "A bird in the hand or two in the bush?" I was dumbfound and knew nothing about a bird in a bush. {Are you kidding me? Leave the bird alone. Who cares if there is a bird in the bush? I just want an A on the test.} Later when he released the test scores, everyone was angry. No one picked the correct answer. He then explained sometimes we want something now, and it's worth more now than it would in 5 years. For instances, the prices of umbrellas go up when it rains. That was the only thing I can remember from this class.

{I'm sure you're asking where this is going.}Well... my post today has nothing to do with umbrellas or markets or consumers. It has more to do with that dang bird.

I've lived in the same house for a few years now. And I swear to you....I tell no lie, I have had a bird in my house at three different times. Once I walked downstairs and their was a bird in my sink. Another time, I had a bird sitting in my Christmas tree. What a surprise that was? Ozzy almost tackled my tree. {Can you see it now? A dog tackling a Christmas tree, and ornaments flying everywhere. Geeze!}, I opened the door, and Ozzy was barking hysterically. I couldn't figure out why.

There sat a bird on my curtain rod in my living room. Perched as if it were sitting on a oak tree branch taking in the scenery. Oz was jumping on the couch to get to him/her-slobbering and huffing and puffing. I really thought he was just going to have a stroke. I opened the front door again, and the bird flew outside. What I didn't foresee when I opened the door? Ozzy pounced on the couch {which sits in front of the window,} and proceeded to tear in to the mini-blinds to see where this bird was going. I then turned into the hysterical one screaming and yelling at Oz. I was now the one huffing and puffing while trying to push him off the couch.

All this to be said.....where the heck did this bird come from, and why is he terrorizing my house? At this point, I'd take the bird in the bush. I could use another 5 years to figure out the value.

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  1. I had a similar experience last Christmas in my apartment- the poor things was scared to death and would NOT fly out the door. The kids were trying to figure out at what point to panic as I chased the bird around with a broom, doors wide open and frigid air pouring in...