In the midst of movement and chaos, keep stillness inside of you.

In the midst of movement and chaos, keep stillness inside of you.

June 24, 2010

The line is just temporarily out-of-order.

God is so mysterious and wonderful! I love that right when you think He isn't answering your prayers or listening to your concerns, He shows you how dumb you are. Yes it's true, everything happens His way and in His time. We all know it, but I guess we forget or are too impatient to see how masterfully He works.

Through the last couple of years, I've let friendships dissolve. It doesn't really matter why or how, the end result... I've let many go. I've made disclaimers that while I'm hurt and revert inwardly to heal, I am still available for apologies or answers. I usually have to step back, regroup, and make a decision to move on or forward. I have to take a break from all the chatter and noise, the hurt feelings and harsh words spoken.

I may say, "I'm done. No more. I'm finished." Knowing all the while, my conscience will nag me for closure or for resolution. I try like a toddler jamming a square peg in triangle hole to make sense of it all. Frustrated, I finally throw up my hands and walk away.

Then and only then, when I give up the control, I receive the long awaited contact from the lost friends. God does work. He calmly stands and tells you, "Wait. If you'll just wait, the result will be better. Let Me heal the wounds and offer the peace."

He is so cool.

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  1. It's funny because I see the parallels so often with my own kids- they just HAVE to have it their way, Hell with the consequences... Every once in a while it's like He taps me on the shoulder (usually when I'm praying something like "What do I do with them?!) and says, "Um, this should look familiar."