In the midst of movement and chaos, keep stillness inside of you.

In the midst of movement and chaos, keep stillness inside of you.

April 22, 2011

REALity TV...

I hate to admit it. Really I do. I like reality tv.

The Real Housewives of {City}: Holy Smokes! From Orange County to Miami, these housewives are crazy!! I really think they live in their own reality. New Jersey, New York, and Orange County are my favorites. I absolutely love some of these women and despise the rest. Danielle from NJ and Kelly from NY.....oh I might just poke my eyes out if I really had to ever know them in real life. I don't know how the other housewives can even deal with them!! I never thought I'd watch it, but I'm hooked! I often wonder what would happen if we put ALL these women on one show like...Survivor! {Which, oddly enough, I don't watch, huh.}

  Spin off show, Bethenny Ever After........I ABSOLUTELY LOVE! Bethenny is a smart, witty, charming, straight shooter with a heart big enough to hold Bryn and Jason, who by the way.... I would steal in a heartbeat. I just love to watch their humor. This newly-wed couple is off to a great start with their new baby, and I can't wait to watch their Happily Ever After!

The Hills: OMG!! I've never heard those three words so much. I love Lauren Conrad and think she's brilliant for taking the offer for this show. What I love is the fact that Lauren kept her intergrity and wits about her. She has a clothing line, fan base, and I'm sure some change in her pocket. This show really does show viewers the consequences for being naughty.

My generation has grown up with reality TV. I think it is facinating to watch someone else dealing with my same struggles to watch "celebrities" being "real." Yes I know it's a show, but it's nice to see them as another human being instead of an..... "a person exempt from real life complications and situations." Bonus: it's nice to watch others react to life's blunders... I can't help myself--it makes me feel good about my life.

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